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ABEC 3 bearings Diameter 7 mm

ABEC 3 bearings Diameter 7 mm

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A.B.E.C. is the acronym of ABEC, the committee connected with the Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association, an industrial group that sets the precision levels of ball bearings. ABEC is therefore a system for classifying the construction tolerance of precision bearings.

Bearings classified with the ABEC system are usually called "precision bearings", and are marked with an odd number from 1 to 11, with the highest number assigned to bearings built to a better standard of accuracy (higher number = smaller tolerance = more expensive bearings).

The higher the ABEC, the stiffer the bearing design and construction.

It's not true that higher ABECs go faster! Greater ABECs imply only greater constructive values, in practice the ABEC only informs us about the safe operating margins guaranteed by the manufacturer for a given bearing.

Therefore the ABEC equation “higher = higher speed” is not always true in general since there are always many additional factors that can intervene and that should be considered. Very often, on the other hand, the ABEC is interpreted simply as a unit of measurement of the smoothness of the bearing and in this case we tend to believe that the simple use of more precise bearings can lead to an automatic increase in performance and speed.

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