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Microblade 3wd Rollerblade Inline skate

Microblade 3wd Rollerblade Inline skate

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Rollerblade invented and manufactures the best adjustable inline skates for kids. The skates are adjustable 4 full sizes to grow with children's feet, and can be shared with a younger sibling if needed. The easy-to-use adjustment system works with a button, and has easy-to-read markers in the toe area that allow you to align your skates to the correct size easily and reliably. The Microblade 3WD construction offers the best support, Engineered Mesh increases breathability, and the 3WD setup is already there when they come out of the box. The Junior Fit shoes make Microblade 3WD very comfortable and the combination of wheels and bearings is perfect for children to start with the right speed. The closure system ensures a secure fit and makes them easy to put on and take off. Having a positive first experience on skates will increase the chances that children will continue to skate, stay active and improve their motor activities, having fun and increasing this passion throughout their lives. The brake is mounted on the skate.


- THE BEST SKATE FOR CHILDREN OF EVERY LEVEL Microblade 3WD is the best skate for children who need to upgrade to a better quality product or who want to try the 3WD configuration.

- ADJUSTABLE 4 SIZES FOR CHILDREN the body of Microblade 3WD is slim and oriented to the correct positioning of children in the skate, so each stride is aimed at optimizing balance, control and support in their skating.

- THE COMFORT KIDS LOVE with more padding The Junior Fit liner makes this skate so comfortable that kids will never want to take them off. Engineered Mesh fits like a glove and adds breathability.

- THE DURABLE INTEGRATED FRAME is part of the hull, to keep children closer to the ground and lower the center of gravity. It has an 80mm 3-wheel 3WD setup but comes with a 4-wheel 72mm mounting option, which must be purchased together with the bearings.

- THE ROLLERBLADE PERFORMANCE 80mm / 82A WHEELS are coupled to SG3 bearings for an always effective and fluid smoothness, at the right speed to guarantee safety and fun at the same time.

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