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Skate Gear 3 pack junior Rollerblade protections

Skate Gear 3 pack junior Rollerblade protections

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Skate Gear Junior 3 Pack is a set of quality protections, designed for skaters of all levels, to make every skating more pleasant and safe. Ideal for any type of training or skating context.

The protections are anatomically differentiated between right and left, remain secured thanks to the sleeve and the strap closure and comfortably protect the body with their snug fit and without bulk.

The left / right markings on the straps ensure their correct positioning. the durable construction, fit and protection of Skate Gear make it a great protective set.

The 3 Pack includes a pair of cuffs, one of knee pads and one of elbow pads, and is available in specific colors for men, women and children, contained in a reusable mesh bag.


- SKATE GEAR JUNIOR 3 PACK protects recreational and occasional skaters during skating of any style. High quality construction and perfect value for money. Includes cuffs, elbow pads and knee pads in a reusable mesh bag.

- ANATOMIC PROTECTIONS, SPECIFIC FOR LEFT AND RIGHT offer resistance and protection, in comfort.

- EASY STRAP CLOSURE SYSTEM that keeps the protectors in place, with the addition of a snug sleeve lining.

- BREATHABLE MESH AND PERFORATED PADDING help skaters feel cool and dry.

- LEFT / RIGHT LABELS on the straps ensure that the protectors are worn correctly.

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