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RB Cruiser man Rollerblade inline skate

RB Cruiser man Rollerblade inline skate

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Rollerblade Foot Size

RB Cruiser is an Urban skate designed for endurance and speed.

Molded RB shells are durable in any skating context.

Four 80mm / 85A Urban wheels and SG7 bearings for greater control, stability and speed.

Definitive lateral support, slider, secure closure system with double lever and laces and insert that absorbs shocks in the heel, as well as a brake already mounted, make the RB Cruiser ultra-reactive and versatile, for skaters of all abilities.

• MOLDED SHOE - Technology at its best without further effort in this versatile and resistant model

• SUPPORT AND VENTILATION - Side support, openings for greater breathability

• PERFORMANCE LINER - Shock absorber added on the heel, which dampens vibrations

• EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME - Stiff and stable, 243mm / 9.6 ": lowers the center of gravity, increasing speed and maneuverability

• URBAN PROFILE ROLLERBLADE WHEELS - 80mm / 80A wheels and SG7 bearings add stability, reducing wear and maximizing grip and speed

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