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Risport RF 1 Elite shoe

Risport RF 1 Elite shoe

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Risport/Edea Foot Size

Professional shoe.

Best use for: triple, quadruple jump

The Risport RF1 Elite shoe has been designed for professional skaters around the world looking for maximum performance.

Risport RF1 Elite Features:

- LEATHER: The use of leather guarantees a high level of comfort and an excellent level of performance. Respecting tradition, Risport produces 100% handcrafted leather uppers.

- ULTRA PADDED COLLAR: The mix created by the reversed microfiber lining, the support of the collar in synthetic material that gives flexibility and higher padding, maximize the comfort perceived by the athlete in performing the most complex elements.

- ANGLED SOLE: the special angled processing of the soles allows skaters to obtain very high lateral inclinations.

- MICROFIBER WITH ALOE TREATMENT: The microfiber lining guarantees the highest level of athletic performance thanks to its properties that increase the sensitivity and support of the foot. It is also a very resistant material and therefore guarantees performance over time. The special Aloe treatment also confers antibacterial properties.

- THERMOFORMABLE: All Risport skates are thermoformable. Each boot can be heated evenly, effectively adapting it to the shape of your foot thanks to the shaping service of our professional laboratory.

- SINGLE LEATHER LAYER: The sole is composed of a single layer of 4 mm leather with a leather heel, with an insert in ultralight thermoplastic material to reduce weight.

- AIR FLOW SYSTEM: Each boot is linked to one or more internal ventilation technologies classified to reduce sweat and humidity.

- LACING AREA: the lacing area is softer around the eyelet part to offer the most snug lacing to the foot.

- SPECIAL REINFORCEMENTS: laboratory tested reinforcements to guarantee constant performance with any degree of boot flex.

- ANATOMICAL PROFILE: the upper and the padding have a pre-formed shape that comfortably wraps the ankle area and provides the

necessary foothold.



White from 230 to 280

Black from 230 to 305


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