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Twister XT man Rollerblade inline skate

Twister XT man Rollerblade inline skate

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Roolerblade Foot Size

Twister XT is a durable Urban skate, which has many features that ensure comfort and stability on city streets. The totally renewed fit includes a modified, lighter shell, and the Footboard Sizer ensures an appropriate fit. The Skate Liner Plus liner with the Performance Skate Insole Plus insole improves posture and skating with more cushioning and wrapping, more breathability and shock absorption in the heel. The V-cut of the liner offers greater range of motion, while the Comfort Flex tongue facilitates support and flexion.

a cuff locking lever, a micrometric lever at 45 ° and the lacing integrated with the liner. The Anti-Torsion Box technology uses aluminum plates, and pairs perfectly with the 243mm aluminum frames for maximum power transfer and control.

The 80mm Hydrogen wheels, combined with ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings, give the most advanced grip and speed.

Twister XT is an excellent combination of fit superior, maximum level support and advanced maneuverability, for every Urban skater.


• A MODEL FOR… Urban skating, fitness, getting around town and recreational skating. The modified shell, the redesigned liner, the "two in one" size with Footboard Sizer and the premium components will satisfy the needs of skaters of all abilities.
• THE SKATE LINER PLUS LINER OFFERS A PREMIUM FIT for skating, with the new padding design and anatomic fit. The new Comfort Flex tongue makes skating more comfortable, with its padded wings and the reinforcement of the central band, to better wrap the shins and improve flex and control, while maintaining its shape.
• SAFE CLOSURE SYSTEM - Cuff locking levers, micro-adjustable 45 ° levers and lacing integrated into the shell and cuff help to achieve a personalized and precise fit.
• EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME - superior quality, 243mm /9.6 ", 255mm / 10" (sizes 29.0-31.0), racing axes, adjustable laterally
< span style = "color: # 323e47; font-family: 'ManifoldCF-Regular', sans-serif; font-size: 15px; background-color: #ffffff;"> • ELITARIE WHEELS HYDROGEN 80mm / 85A are manufactured in the United States Combined with a factory-exclusive urethane formula to deliver performance, less vibration, longer life. Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings maximize speed.

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