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Apex Rollerblade Inline skate

Apex Rollerblade Inline skate

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Apex is a high performance Urban and Freestyle skate, designed for young skaters.

The molded and ventilated shell is paired with a Premium Jr. liner, to offer exceptional protection and support.

Side sliders, a secure closure system and proportional length frames with matt black wheels that ensure ideal maneuverability.

The size is adjustable; the brake is in the box, ready to be mounted.

Apex is a top-level choice for style and comfort among the Urban skates for boys.

• UPPER MOLDED SHOE - Shell that offers support, and breathability thanks to ventilation

• SAFE CLOSURE SYSTEM - Double lever and laces

• PREMIUM LINER - An additional Shock Absorber on the heel dampens vibrations

• EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME - Low center of gravity that offers stability and versatility; the measurements are: 207mm (185), 219mm (210) and 231mm (235)

• URBAN JR ROLLERBLADE WHEELS - Specific matte finish wheel sizes for skates size: 68mm (185), 72mm (210) and 76mm (235); SG7 bearings

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