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Macroblade 100 3wd man Rollerblade Inline skate

Macroblade 100 3wd man Rollerblade Inline skate

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Rollerblade Foot Size

Macroblade 100 3WD is one of the fastest skates, with optimal lateral support, to wake up the agonist in you.

This skate is a good bridge product between the worlds of recreational fitness and that of Race skating.

Offers ideal support, speed, comfort and stability.

High-end components, 3WD frames, high quality Engineered Mesh upper and a secure closure system with SpeedLace make it a valid and stylish choice for those who take inline skating seriously but don't want a lower profile, race skate.

The brake is on the skate.


- 3 WHEEL DRIVE (3WD) HIGH PERFORMANCE SKATES for fitness enthusiasts looking for more lateral support and stability to train, stay fit and seek greater speed.

< p> - FLEX AND LATERAL SUPPORT are optimal in the structure of Macroblade 100 3WD. The higher cuff offers more stability to help you stay balanced and lock the foot perfectly during the stride.

- COMFORTABLE UPPER IN ENGINEERED MESH, "RUNNING" STYLE is padded in the tongue and in the ankle area to protect the foot. Aluminum lever, power strap and locking of the lacing increase its safety.

- 3WD TWINBLADE ALUMINUM FRAME 274mm / 10.8 "rigid, stable and with a low profile to house its 110mm wheels but to hold low center of gravity, increasing speed and maneuverability.

- ROLLERBLADE SUPREME 100mm / 85A WHEELS that maximize smoothness, grip, speed and durability; a leap in quality compared to the models SG9 bearings are fast, quality and facilitate speed.

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