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Maxxum 125 3wd Rollerblade Inline skate

Maxxum 125 3wd Rollerblade Inline skate

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Rollerblade Foot Size

Maxxum 125 3WD represents the apex of the versatility among Molded skates.

Attractive for intense training and competition purposes , but with the lateral support typical of other category skates (like the Urban), it maintains an advanced level of comfort thanks to the molded and ventilated shell.

Extruded aluminum frame, micrometric levers, premium mesh liner with anatomic padding and 125mm Hydrogen wheels with Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings: components that give pro performance and a secure fit.

An optional brake is included.

Also popular for the Skate to Ski program from Rollerblade, which educates ski athletes about the benefits of off-season inline skating training, Maxxum 125 3WD is a phenomenal model.


• A PREMIUM SKATE THAT CAN DO EVERYTHING - Ideal for training purposes, for urban skating, for travel and recreational skating
• MOLDED HULL - Durable and ventilated to ensure support and breathability, with V-shaped cuffs for versatility and front flex
• PREMIUM LINER - Breathable mesh and anatomic padding for a super comfortable fit, and shock absorber on the heel to cushion vibrations
• EXTRUDED ALUMINUM 3WD FRAME, 295mm / 11.6", laterally adjustable, designed to support the 3 125mm wheels by increasing speed and maneuverability
• ELITARIE RUOTE HY DROGEN 125mm / 85A, made in the USA with a unique urethane formula for ultimate performance, less vibration, and longer life. Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings maximize speed.

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