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Blank SK Rollerblade inline skate

Blank SK Rollerblade inline skate

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Rollerblade Foot Size

Blank SK is designed for the highest level of performance, with innovative features and conceptual details.

Designed and tested by the professional team Blank, he is Sean Keane's pro model.

The Blank shell supports and protects those who skate, with a trendy and linear style, and integrates perfectly with the hollow core median plate, to lower the center of gravity and link directly to the frames.

The Blank liner takes comfort to the next level, with its strategic padding, elasticated forefoot and a secure fit, which maximizes performance along with the shell.

Blank UFS frames, Hydrogen wheels and Twincam bearings ensure smoothness equal to fit. Turn the streets into your best masterpiece!


• A MODEL FOR… Street and Park Skating. Blank SK totally raises the bar for those looking for creativity and performance.

• THE SHELL AND THE BLANK PLATE incorporate resistance, functionality and style. The shoe has an anatomical design, improved foot lock and lever open and close function. The shell integrates with the hollow plate, to be mounted directly on the frame.

• PERFORMANCE PLUS INSOLE and elastic forefoot follow the anatomy of the foot for a perfect fit. The rubber outsole adds durability, the integrated lacing ensures precision, and the silicone heel strips lock the liner in place as you skate. The shock absorber integrated in the shoe protects the heels from the big impacts typical of Street skating.

• UFS BLANK FRAME incorporating a lower H-Block for more strength and versatility. The H-Block is designed to work with the flat rocker setup or anti-rocker wheels.

• ELITARY HYDROGEN AND ANTI-ROCKER WHEELS - 60mm / 92A wheels are made in the USA with a factory-exclusive urethane formula to deliver performance, less vibration, and longer life, even in a 4-wheel setup wheels and flat rocker. Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings maximize speed. Four 42mm anti-rocker wheels for grind are included in the box.

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