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Frame 3 WD Rollerblade Urban Pack 110

Frame 3 WD Rollerblade Urban Pack 110

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The 3WD Urban Pack includes everything you need to convert Metroblade, Twister Edge and RB skates to 3WD. Its prominent components make the skates faster, reduce vibrations, and offer more maneuverability and efficiency. Included in the kit: a pair of 255mm extruded aluminum frames with 165mm mounting holes, 6 Hydrogen 110mm / 85a wheels, 12 Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings, 6 8mm aluminum spacers, 6 racing axles, 4 screws and a 4mm Allen key.

One size fits all.


- 3WD OFFERS A NEW EXPERIENCE to skaters, with larger wheels. Less vibrations, more durability, smoother skating, more maneuverability and more efficiency: this is what you get when skating on 3WD.

- THE 255mm EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME distributes energy in a incredible and gives stability.

- HYDROGEN WHEELS (MADE IN THE USA) 110mm / 85A PREMIUM FORMULA have incredible resilience, smoothness and elasticity.

- TWINCAM ILQ-9 CLASSIC PLUS BEARINGS they use a six-ball design, Japanese Kyodo lubricant and SCRS (S-Channel Rubber Shield) to keep them always fast and contamination-free.

- INCLUDES ALL NECESSARY MOUNTING COMPONENTS: 6 x 8mm aluminum spacers, 6 racing axles, 4 mounting screws and an Allen key, with detailed and easy assembly instructions.

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