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E-Spinner 2022 Edea

E-Spinner 2022 Edea

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The brand new and revolutionary E-spinner adds a new dimension to training! Now you can also train the deadlift of dry jumps thanks to the design with elastic bands that simulate the bet of the jump with skates.

The E-spinner is designed for all athletes who want to train both spins and jumps and at the same time improve posture, balance, ability and strengthen their body.

This simple nylon tablet simulates the movements and sensations you get on skates, learning how to manage pressure points and threads.

The two elastic bands allow you to train dry jumps by simulating the toe and take off of the jump as it happens on skates. We recommend using the Yellow (Soft) elastic to try single jumps and the Red (Hard) elastic to try double and triple jumps. It must be used without elastic to train spins.

Two elastic bands (one yellow and one red) are included in each E-spinner package but can also be ordered separately.

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