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Roll Line

Roll Line Spin frame

Roll Line Spin frame

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The frame (plate) Spin is designed for high-level skaters and can be used in the Hoops and Loops disciplines. p>

  • The Spin is a brakeless frame designed specifically for compulsory disciplines.
  • The 18° inclination of the pins makes it a versatile plate that can be used in both disciplines.
  • It is supplied with a set of elastomer suspensions (assembled) for making the rims and a set of natural rubber (included as an accessory) for making the bushings.
  • “Click action” mechanism that allows greater precision of the steering wheels which maintain their adjustment even during the most complex exercises.
  • Insole obtained from a drawn aluminum bar and completely CNC machined.
  • 13mm steering pins inclined at 18° with traditional setup.
  • Aluminium crosspieces with 7mm steel axles and adjustable tip.
  • Key kit included.
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