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Fury Rollerblade Inline skate

Fury Rollerblade Inline skate

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• MOLDED MODEL FOR YOUNG SKATING - Supporting shell, with ventilation that makes it breathable; adjustment of four full sizes with a simple button

• SAFE CLOSURE SYSTEM - Cuff closure lever and power strap

• PERFORMANCE PADDED LINER - Comfortable elastic material and adjustable sizes

• DURABLE INTEGRATED FRAME - Low center of gravity for stability and balance

• ROLLERBLADE PERFORMANCE WHEELS - 72mm / 80A combined with SG3 bearings for controlled speed


Fury is an Urban-inspired skate for kids that can be adjusted of four full sizes.

A molded yet lightweight construction, which offers lateral support to new skaters, and 72mm / 80A wheels paired with SG3 bearings, which will give them a great balance between speed and control.

The cuff lever and the powerstrap ensure effective closure; the brake is standard.

The affordable price makes the Fury an incredible skate for novice young skaters.

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