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Specter Hydrogen Rollerblade Inline Wheels

Specter Hydrogen Rollerblade Inline Wheels

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Wheel diameter

Hydrogen wheels offer the ultimate level of smoothness, elasticity and strength.

Made in the USA with our proprietary urethane formula that ensures maximum durability and maximum speed.

The cores are designed to transfer maximum power in the stride.

Whether grip, responsiveness or speed, Hydrogen wheels are the ultimate upgrade possible.

- WHEELS ARE MEASURED in mm (Millimeters / dimension) and A (durometer / hardness). A higher "mm" number means faster wheels; a higher value of "A" implies harder wheels. Harder wheels last longer.

-WHEELS WITH PREMIUM FORMULA with incredible resilience, smoothness and elasticity. The Urban profile improves maneuverability and control, thanks to the greater support base of the wheel in contact with the surface.

- CONSISTENT SPEED, ANGLE AND PERFORMANCE are achieved through solid core design. The notched core binds and adequately supports the urethane to maximize the skating experience.

- MAXIMUM ADHESION, RESISTANCE AND REDUCTION OF VIBRATIONS deriving from the exclusive formula of urethane


-Sale per set of 4 WHEELS (bearings and spacers not included)

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