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Apex Rollerblade inline frame

Apex Rollerblade inline frame

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Rollerblade's Apex 219 frame is l It is ideal for converting Apex skates to a larger diameter 3 or 4 wheel setup, to add control, speed and maneuverability.

Included components. Components included: 8 racing axles, 4 mounting bolts and a 4mm Allen key.

Maximum wheel size: 3x80mm / 4x72mm .


THIS FRAME IS FOR: an upgrade of the Urban skates, for better control, more speed and mobility, with a 3x80 / ​​4x72 setup.
• EXTRUDED ALUMINUM 8.6" / 219mm - Power transfer and stability, mounting at 150mm, maximum wheel size 3x80 / ​​4x72mm. < / p>

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