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RB XL Rollerblade Inline skate

RB XL Rollerblade Inline skate

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Rollerblade Foot Size

RB XL is designed for skaters with bigger feet.

It is the only model of skates on the market specifically designed in sizes 32.0-35.0, to offer the resistance, support and performance necessary for skaters of this type.

What makes RB XL unique is the design of the structure and frame, with strategically reinforced shoe and cuff and an extruded aluminum frame with the ideal length to achieve the best balance; an optional brake is included.

Extra cushioning, a hook / strap / lace closure system, and 90mm Performance Wheels with SG5 bearings ensure that bigger feet can get level performance from a skate.

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• LARGER SIZES: 32.0-35.0 - Made specifically for big-footed skaters.

• XL REINFORCED SHELL AND CUFF - Exceptional lateral support and flex, without compromising on performance

• COMFORTABLE LINER - The padded liner and Double Wrap closure system prevent fatigue of larger feet

• EXTRUDED ALUMINUM FRAME - A rigid and stable 330mm / 13 "frame offers excellent power transfer with superior strength, responsiveness and control

• ROLLERBLADE PERFORMANCE WHEELS - 90mm wheels and SG5 bearings for greater wear resistance and more speed

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