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Sharpening of ice skates blades

Sharpening of ice skates blades

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In our laboratory you can sharpen the blade of your skate with a result guaranteed by over 30 years of experience in the sector !!

The blades of your ice skates wear out, and it is recommended that they be sharpened from time to time.

Shipping costs are related only to the return of the skate.

Shipping to the shop to be paid by the customer.


Figure skating

The blade of figure skates is long, straight, made of steel, and of a better quality than ice hockey blades and therefore does not need to be sharpened often. However, the sharpness and precision of the grinding are essential for speed and maneuverability.

Ice Hockey Skates

Modern hockey skates have radie-grinding, so that the area that is in contact with the ice is constant even at different angles when skating in the center or in the middle of the blade.

This way there is always a 1.25-1.75 "blade in contact with the ice.

The sharper your blades, the better your grip on ice and the better your ability to turn and brake. But the sharper the blades, the more control it will take to brake and turn. Medium sharpness allows you to slip when braking and turning. which means that braking is less abrupt and therefore easier to control.

However, there is a risk that they will be damaged, and once the blade is damaged, it cannot be fixed. At Original Sport we offer a professional blade sharpening service.

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