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Skateboard STYLENGL Move

Skateboard STYLENGL Move

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The skateboard is made up of several parts: the board ( deck ), the carts ( trucks ), the wheels ( wheels ) and bearings ( bearings ).

The table ( deck or < em data-mce-fragment = "1"> board ) resembles the shape of a surfboard or snowboard, depending on the specialty, it is slightly concave built in maple plywood.

The surface is coated with a non-slip layer, reminiscent of abrasive paper ( griptape ), to improve grip ( grip ). The lower surface, usually decorated with drawings.

Under the table there are the two trolleys , generally in aluminum, composed of various parts. The base is screwed to the table with passing screws and the axis of the wheels is connected to the base by a pin and two rings of rubbery material that allow the axis to rotate.

Using the weight of the body the skateboard turns towards the desired direction

The axles of the wheels , in turn mounted on ball bearings; the whole set is called the carriage. Two bearings are housed inside each wheel, spaced by a special spacer.

The bearings are identified according to the ABEC scale, an internal tolerance measurement ranging from 1 to 11 for odd numbers.

The protections and the helmet are necessary for the safe use of the skateboard.

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